Baby’s first smoothie

My son is about to turn one and I decided it’s time to include him in family smoothie time! I made a very clean smoothie for him that I thought I would share. It’s great for the whole family and particularly kids as I didn’t add a ton of ‘extra ingredients’ as those superfood powders can have things not suitable for our little ones. My son devoured this!


    • 1 scoop @nourishmentisneed collagen powder
    • 1 cup wild organic blackberries
    • ½ organic frozen banana
    • 1.5 cups unsweetened flax milk
    • 1 heaping tablespoon organic almond butter by @onceagainnutbutter
    • A heaping handful of organic rainbow chard


    1. Blend all ingredients together and poor into their favorite sippy cup! This recipe makes enough for mama (or papa) and bebe!

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