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Our Tips On Baking with Flax Milk

When trying to bake something for a family gathering or event it can seem daunting with the variety of dietary restrictions people have. You never want to exclude anyone from trying the delicious dessert you made so best to make it as allergen friendly as possible. Luckily, allergen friendly options are readily available to us like gluten free flour, flax milk, and dairy-free butter! I want to emphasize flax milk because it’s the most nutritious, functional, and allergen friendly plant milk on the market! Baking with flaxseed milk is life changing, it compliments breads, muffins, cookies etc. delightfully and here’s why. 

  • Nutritional value
  • Flaxseeds are small but mighty. When using flax milk, your baked goods will be full of omega’s, ligans, and fiber! They even have more omega-3’s than a serving of wild salmon! Omega-3’s are exceptional for our heart health and what a yummier way to attain such a vital nutrient than through a baked good. Another exceptional nutrient in flax are ligans, which are cancer fighting antioxidants. Ligans remain stable in heated temperatures, so flaxseed-containing muffins, breads and crackers continue to provide these phytonutrients!

  • Functional value
  • I’m sure you’ve heard of “flax eggs” used in many vegan baked good recipes. This is because flax is a natural emulsifier. It can help thicken and stabilize your baked goods without having to add eggs. About a quarter cup of flaxseed milk can replace an egg in recipes! 

  • Allergen Free 
  • It is gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free! Unlike almond milk and oat milk, which aren’t safe for people with gluten allergies or nut allergies. Flax milk is completely allergen free. When making baked goods for family, friends, and colleagues it’s your safest bet to allow everyone to enjoy what you made!

  • Versatility/Flavor  
  • Flax Milk has no distinct flavor, it can be added to savory and sweet cooking recipes! My favorite Malibu Mylk to use when baking is original or unsweetened. They both have that lovely thick/creamy texture without any added sweetness. Making them the perfect duo when it comes to cooking! 

    One of my favorite allergen friendly recipes are these vegan brownies! All you’ll need is flax milk, GF flour, cacao powder, sugar, coconut oil, corn starch, and some chocolate chips for that extra Chocolate-y goodness!

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