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Glyphosate isn’t your only concern with oat milk - Oatly recalled over contamination risk

You may have noticed many headlines of late about Oatly being recalled over contamination risk. We’ve been trying to educate consumers for years about the challenges with Oatly and now those issues go beyond rapeseed oil and high sugar content.

“A California-based contract manufacturer that produces specialty beverages for such brands as Oatly and Premier Protein has issued a recall for 53 of products because of potential microbial contamination, according to the Food and Drug Administration,” notes The Washington Post.

I started Malibu Mylk when I was trying to get pregnant and looking for a healthy alternative. Oat milk had recently entered the US market but I saw a lot of problems with it. Why is the second ingredient rapeseed oil? That didn’t seem like something I needed in smoothies or tea lattes. Why are there 10g of sugar in a cup? Consumers were flocking to Oatly like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sure, it’s vegan. Yes, it does foam well for lattes. But one look at the nutritional label and I knew something was up. Plus, when my husband switched from almond to oat milk, he quickly gained several pounds, and it was from the oat milk alone.

I wanted a better option. I wanted a milk that I could pour freely into smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal and more without a second thought. I wanted real nutrition. I wanted the milk to come from a sustainable source.

Enter flaxseed. This ancient superfood is packed with nutrients: protein, fiber, omega-3s, magnesium and more. There’s no added oil in Malibu Mylk. Flaxseed is a natural emulsifier so you get an incredible texture without the need of added oils. The only water required for the flax flower is natural rainfall so it’s also the best choice for our planet.

Don’t drink oils, glyphosate and bacteria. Drink Malibu Mylk!

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