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Ground Flax Compared to Flax Oil 

Ground flaxseed and flax oil both contain nutritional benefits, but we chose to use ground flaxseed because it's a superior choice, in our opinion! Ground flaxseed offers a nutritional advantage over flaxseed oil because it's lower in calories but contains more fiber. Each 2-tablespoon serving of ground flaxseed contains 75 calories, and an equivalent serving of flaxseed oil offers 240 calories.  

Another major benefit to flaxseeds are its nutritional content of lingans, cancer fighting antioxidants! Only ground flaxseed -- not flaxseed oil -- boosts your lignan intake. Ground flaxseed is also one of the easiest ways for our digestive systems to digest and absorb flax. 

Malibu Mylk uses organic ground flaxseed as our main ingredient. This is why you must shake the bottle and stir up all the nutritious ingredients. One bottle of Malibu Mylk contains 4.3 tbsp, providing about 1 tbsp of flax per serving! Which is the perfect amount, because the daily intake of flaxseed should be 1-2 tbsp per day! 

Why We Stay Away from Oils 

Vegetable and seed oils contain high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids. And although this fatty acid is an essential nutrient, in high amounts it can lead to inflammation. Studies show that the American diet is already so high in omega-6's that overconsumption will trigger the body to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. 

This is why none of our products contain oils! Oils are used in plant-milks to add extra fat to provide a thick and creamy texture. But, our natural grounded flax adds those components organically. The flax also provides  Omega-3 fatty acids. A nutrient most Americans lack, a study found that over 68% of adults and 95% of children in the United States do not consume enough omega-3s! 

Unsweetened Vanilla Flax Milk

Malibu Mylk is the world's first organic flax mylk. It's made from the whole ground flaxseed, a superfood that is full of fiber, protein, omega-3's and prebiotics. Unlike most plant based mylks, Malibu Mylk is sustainable as the flax flower only relies on natural rainfall for growth.

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