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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can be stressful, but we're hoping to give you some ideas and help make it fun! I decided to make it a theme of sustainability this year and while I thought it would be challenging, it was surprisingly easy and fun to have the parameters to stick to!
Stocking stuffer/gifts for all : 
1. Not only are these socks incredibly cute, but they also do a lot of good (other than just keeping your feet cozy!). Pick from protecting animals, saving the rainforest, dogs and more! 
2. Because takeout chopsticks suck and usually go to waste, why not purchase these sleek stainless steel chopsticks that will elevate that to-go Chinese or sushi to a whole new level. 
3. Sijo's eucalyptus loungewear is as comfy as it is fashionable, and those two things don't usually go hand in hand. All their products are free of harsh dies. 
For Him:
1. This stunning decanter is not only beautiful to look at but thoughtfully engineered with an internal ice pocket for chilling your favorite white or rosé.
2. Seems like the guy in my life always needs a charger and I love that this one by Nimble is made with certified recycled plastic, is climate neutral certified and supports 1% for the planet. 
For Her:
1.Who doesn't love a new candle and especially one that crackles and smells like warm sugar fig. Filled with soy wax, dried flowers and pure essential oils, these are sure to make any room cozy! 
2. The yoloha yoga mat is on my list. A thicker mat made from 100% renewable material! 
For The Kiddos:
1. This non-toxic activity walker is filled with colors, sounds and entertainment for hours (or maybe not hours but definitely 10+ minutes!). 
2. My mother-in-law brought us these crayons and they are so wonderful! They smell great and I don't need to go into an utter panic when they end up in my son's mouth. 

3. My son is obsessed with water and this little watering can is made from recycled plastic milk jugs, plus is so cute! 

Unsweetened Vanilla Flax Milk

Malibu Mylk is the world's first organic flax mylk. It's made from the whole ground flaxseed, a superfood that is full of fiber, protein, omega-3's and prebiotics. Unlike most plant based mylks, Malibu Mylk is sustainable as the flax flower only relies on natural rainfall for growth.

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