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How Do You Choose The Best Flaxseed Milk?

How do you choose the best flaxseed milk?

When it comes to choosing flaxseed milk, the first thing you should look at is the ingredient list. With most foods today, you want to hunt for products with ingredient lists that are short, simple and easy to comprehend. Are all the ingredients things that you can easily read and pronounce? If not, look for a more simple label. 

Avoid oils (which cause inflammation in the body), and avoid added sugars and preservatives. Natural flavors are a way many brands hide certain ingredients. If you want total transparency, pick a brand that does not have natural flavors. 

Also, look for organic certifications. Receiving and maintaining an organic certification isn’t easy. It means that the brand and the farmers are committed to the strictest standards. Organic is a certification you can trust, especially today when so many products have heavy amounts of glyphosate (aka weedkiller). 

It’s always important to look for how your food is fortified. Malibu Mylk doesn’t believe in fortifying our products. Everyone needs different amounts of vitamins and minerals and we feel each person should talk to their doctor and supplement with their own regime best for their body.  As WebMD notes “Just because a food product is fortified doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Fortified foods are usually heavily processed. They’re often high in sugars, fats, sodium, and other ingredients that can lead to problems like obesity.”

Malibu Mylk is the world's first organic flax mylk. It's made from the whole ground flaxseed, a superfood that is full of fiber, protein, omega-3's and prebiotics. Made by a mom, Malibu Mylk is made with ingredients you can trust and it’s the small tasty change that can make a huge difference. 

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