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How is organic flax milk different from other flax milk?

Maybe you’ve never heard of flax milk or maybe you’ve been drinking flax milk for years! If you’ve never heard of flax milk, it’s similar to other plant-based milks but instead of using nuts or soy, it’s made using flax and completely allergen-free! Flaxseeds are an ancient health food that have been used for thousands of years. According to Harvard Health, “These shiny, reddish or golden-brown seeds are the richest natural source of alpha linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid[…]Small studies suggest that consuming whole or ground flaxseeds may lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.” A great way to consume this superfood is in flax milk which is one of the only allergen-free milks on the market!

If you’ve been drinking flax milk for years, you’ve probably been drinking a flax milk made using flax oil. Flax oil is made from grinding or pressing flaxseeds to release their oil. Once the oil has been extracted from the seeds, the seeds are discarded. But, the seeds are where so much of the value from this super food is found! The fiber is one of the most valuable components of flax and it is all found in the seed, not in the oil!

Flaxseeds in their whole form also act as a natural emulsifier. Have you ever heard of a vegan flax egg for baking? Flaxseeds give a great texture and mouthfeel which is why our organic flax milk has a nice, thick, creamy texture! We like to compare the consistency to whole cow’s milk.

At Malibu Mylk we treasure the whole seed, which is why we grind it up into a fine powder and use the entire seed when making our milk! This means more fiber, more omega-3s, more protein and more flavor in every single glass, plus less waste! To top it all off, we only source the best organic whole flaxseeds that are non-GMO. We combine these ground flaxseeds with a few more of our expertly sourced ingredients to deliver you with the creamiest, tastiest milk around!

Use flax milk just like you would any other milk: in cereal, baking, smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, mac & cheese and more!

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