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How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a time of joy and togetherness, but sometimes can become overwhelming especially with the abundance of food options before your eyes. It’s tempting to try everything! But, throughout the years I’ve realized that always ends up leaving me in an uncomfortable food coma. I have a hot tip that’s saved me throughout the holidays from uncomfortable fullness. I’m going to tell you exactly how to go about preparing your Thanksgiving plate! 

1. Protein First! 

This is my number one rule, I always go for the turkey first and make sure it takes up a majority of my plate. Trust me, I know it takes a lot of willpower to not go straight for the stuffing. But this will allow you to consume an overall more balanced meal. 

2. Balanced Plate 

A “balanced plate” will contain carbs, protein, and fat! There’s no need to make this complicated, because this is a time of the year to enjoy this special meal, but don’t just fill your plate up with mashed potatoes and rolls. Ensuring protein and vegetables make a star appearance on your plate will save you from a tummy ache in the long run!

3. Slow Down

This is such a special time of the year, really take time to enjoy the food! Chew your food slowly, make every bite an experience and taste all the flavors. By slowing down when you eat, you allow your food to digest between bites and this helps allow your stomach to reciprocate to your brain when it is time to stop eating. 

4. Portions Sizes 

Don’t get me wrong, my spoonful of mashed potatoes is definitely over a regular portion size. But when I stick to my prior rules, like eating my protein first, creating a balanced plate, and chewing slowly I end up feeling so satisfied. Even though the portions aren’t “perfect” I end up consuming an adequate amount because of my three basic rules! 

5. Save Your Seconds

If your Thanksgiving is as special as you want it to be, you may be tempted to go back for seconds but I think this is always a mistake. You’ll feel so much better if you stop after you finish your first plate and can save a little room for dessert. If you want more, save a plate for lunch the next day! 

I really want to emphasize the importance of enjoyment during this time of the year and these tips are just meant to help give you an idea of what I’ve learned over the years. I still enjoy and indulge in all my cravings but I’ve found that it is much more enjoyable when there is no stomach ache involved. So, this Thanksgiving, try to create a beautiful balanced nourishing plate! Feel free to send in some of your favorite thanksgiving dishes, especially if they feature flax milk

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