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Momtrapreneur - a note from our founder

Life update: I am surviving and most thriving as a momtrapraneur of two littles. Everest is going to be 5 months and Fox is going on 2.5 and starting preschool in September. I am excited and terrified for him to be leaving the house. Not terrified of anything other than how much I’ll miss him. Also, it just may feel like a vacation for the few hours he’s gone each day, so clearly experiencing lots of different emotions. #momlife

Balancing two littles, the company and everything else in life is not easy, but I feel grateful every day that we are healthy, and that I am building a family and company that I totally adore. 

We’ve been having chia pudding and summer smoothies on the regular and one of Everest’s very first bites of food was our chia pudding a few days ago and she loved it! 

I hope you’re all finding time to savor summer: the longer days, the stone fruits, the sunshine and maybe even ice cream here and there. 

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