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Malibu Mylk now delivers our nutritious and delicious flax milk in affordable and sustainable packaging with no refrigeration required.

  • Unsweetened Vanilla Flax Milk
    Unsweetened Vanilla Tetra

    Our newest flax milk addition, the vanilla is aromatic and flavorful without any sugar

  • Unsweetened Flax Milk
    Unsweetened Tetra

    Our unsweetened flax milk has only 6 ingredients and a touch of organic cinnamon powder

  • Original Flax Milk
    Original Tetra

    Our original flax milk has only 6 ingredients and a dash of organic cane sugar for a bit of sweetness

  • Oat + Flax Milk
    Oat Tetra

    We searched the globe for organic, glyphosate-free, gluten-free oats to blend with our whole, ground flaxseed, and...

  • Unsweetened Combo

    First time trying our milk? Not sure which one to get? The unsweetened combo is for you! It comes...

  • Founders Fave

    My two favorite flavors at the moment! I love that they are both low in calories yet full...

  • Dealers Choice
    Dealers Choice

    Who doesn't love free shipping?! We know we do, so we created this 6 pack sampler as a way for...

  • O.G. Combo

    These are the very first two Malibu Mylk flavors that were created! Get 3 bottles of our original which we...

New Ready to Drink

We've blended our organic flax + oat mylk base with organic coffee and Japanese ceremonial grade matcha to bring you a fabulous tasting drink that gives you a little boost of energy.

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