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My two favorite flavors at the moment! I love that they are both low in calories yet full of flavor. I sit down with a glass once a day or add it to my morning smoothie or healthy dessert recipe. I reach for the oat when I want a bit more sweetness and the vanilla when I am looking for more fiber or more of a vanilla flavor! Remember all of our mylks are allergy friendly and created to make you feel your best." - Founder, Brittany Fuisz


We think good food should be simple.

  • 3g of fiber per serving

    3g of fiber per serving

  • 3g of protein per serving

    3g of protein per serving

  • A touch of Himalayan salt

    A touch of Himalayan salt

  • A dash of organic vanilla extract

    A dash of organic vanilla extract

  • 1,800 mg omega-3s

    1,800 mg omega-3s

  • Prebiotics


History of Flax Seed

Flax is one of nature's oldest and most beloved creations. This superfood dates back 4,000 years and has long been a staple of the human diet as a source of nutrients. Flax is abundant in North America and the largest source of vegan omega-3s. It aids in digestion and is anti-inflammatory. Now you can have this magical little seed in mylk form.

You're welcome l


Flax is a plant (and a beautiful one to boot!). It is cultivated for its fiber which is used to make linen and fabrics and for its seeds which are used as a nutritious food source.
The unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla, and unsweetened oat + flax have no sugar. Our original flavor has 5g of organic cane sugar per serving (most milks have closer to 8-12g of sugar) so we like to say it's lightly sweetened. sweetened!
Unlike almond mylk, which requires a ton of water to produce, malibu mylk is sustainable. It takes 20 gallons of water to produce one glass of almond milk, whereas the only water required for flax is natural rainfall. Also, most nut milks are a blend of water and nuts, but all of the nuts are strained out, leaving no nutrients in the mylk. We grind up our flaxseed really small and do not strain anything out so you end up with nutrients like fiber, omega-3s, and protein in every glass.
We now have an oat + flax flavor! In general, most oat milks have around 120 calories per serving, compared to malibu mylk’s 45 calories per serving in our oat + flax. Most oat milks lack the nutrients that our milk gets from the flax: fiber, omega-3s and protein.
Yes! With a touch of cinnamon, it’s delicious and creamy on its own. Or, mix with cereal, coffee and smoothies, as well as baking, soups, and more. For recipes, check out our blog and Instagram.
Our facility does work with other products that contain nuts, dairy and gluten.
With relatively small production, packaging choices can be limited. We are constantly looking for the most sustainable packaging that can work with our manufacturer and will continue to explore options as we grow!
The mylk stays fresh for 7-10 days.
Natural flavors are oils, essences and extracts from natural sources, such as spices, fruits, herbs or vegetables. The natural flavors used in our products come from real vegan ingredients found in nature and do not include artificial preservatives, added colors, or GMO ingredients. We use natural flavors to ensure our products taste incredible! If you would prefer to pick flavors without natural flavors, our unsweetened and original milks do not contain natural flavors.
We start out with the whole flaxseed. We grind it up so that it's a fine powder and blend it with purified water. What makes us really unique is that we don't strain anything out! Most other plant based mylks, especially those made from nuts, strain out all the nuts and you're left with a nut flavored water. We keep all the flaxseed in our mylk so that you're benefiting from whole nutrition. We add our other ingredients depending on which flavor it is (a touch of cinnamon, a pinch of Himalayan salt, etc.) and everything goes into a high-speed, super-powered blender, known in the 'biz' as a homogenizer. It's blended for several minutes, then pasteurized to ensure it's clean and safe for you to drink and finally poured into our very own Malibu Mylk bottles. 
Remember the Milk Man?... Well, this is our version of that. Why subscribe? In addition to saving your precious money and even more precious time, you can customize your subscription with the click of your mouse, whether you want your mylk to come every other day or every other month, it's easy to change to suit your individual needs! You can also cancel at any time. Plus this will ensure you've always got mylk at the ready, no matter what this world throws your way. And after 2020, we know some crazy things can happen! Remember, this mylk can be stored in your pantry until you open it! 
After you place your order you'll be able to select whatever frequency you like.

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