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Flax is a plant (and a beautiful one to boot!). It is cultivated for its fiber which is used to make linen and fabrics and for its seeds which are used as a nutritious food source.
Our unsweetened and unsweetened vanilla have no sugar. The original has 5 g of organic cane sugar per serving.
Unlike almond mylk, which requires a ton of water to produce, malibu mylk is sustainable. It takes over a gallon of water to produce one single almond, where as the only water required for flax is natural rainfall.
Much of the world's oats have glyphosate (otherwise known as weed killer!). In addition, oats are full of sugar and high in calories without offering much nutrition.
You can use malibu mylk pretty much the way you would use any other milk or mylk. Drink it on its own or use it in smoothies, cereal, coffee, baking, soups, mac & cheese, etc!
Our facility does work with other products that contain nuts, dairy and gluten.
We're constantly looking for the most sustainable packaging that can work with our manufacturer. As a small company, we don't have a ton of choices, so for now, PET is the best choice for us. It is mostly recycled and it causes far fewer emissions than a heavier glass bottle. We will continue to explore our packaging options as we grow.
We are doing our best to find the most cost effective shipping methods but the mylk is heavy and we ship with ice so it's very pricey for us to ship direct to consumer. We know with the current climate it's very important to many of our consumers to be able to get the product online, so will continue to ship to you!
The mylk stays fresh for 7-10 days

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